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6 Fast Tips to clean up dog hairs

These are six quick ways to clean up dog hair to a minimum because no one wants to spend hours cleaning up dog hair. If you have a dog, there will be dog hair all over the place! All year long, dogs shed, with certain seasons being harsher than others. Here are some quick and simple cleanup techniques to help you win the hair battle on you, in your car, and around the house.

Regularly groom your dog by brushing, combing, or using grooming wipes.

It only takes a few minutes, and the canine offender is the ideal spot to start tackling the dog hair issue.

The length, texture, thickness, and hair-growth patterns of a dog’s fur vary, according to Christina Pawlosky, a trained master groomer.

In addition to having various hair kinds, dogs also shed in diverse ways, with seasonal fluctuations, daylight hours, and temperature all having an impact. All year long, dogs who live in air-conditioned environments can shed.

Hence, having basic equipment to help with shedding at home and utilizing them on a weekly basis, or even daily if necessary, can go a long way in controlling a hairy problem in your home and car, even if your dog has a regular appointment with a groomer.

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The following grooming supplies can help you reduce shedding:

  • A grooming glove is an excellent tool for removing stray hair from most dog coats and massaging your dog at the same time.
  • Smoother Brush.
  • Curly rubber comb.
  • After brushing, using specially formulated grooming wipes is a quick and simple approach to remove further loose hair.

To keep dog hair off the couch, use a throw blanket.

Purchasing throws that can be easily snatched up and tossed in the washing machine on a regular basis keeps furniture fur-free and ready to be put away when guests arrive. In case of accidents, there are throws designed especially for dogs that are waterproof, such as the PupProtector Waterproof Throw Blanket. (clean up dog hairs)

Use throw rugs to prevent dog hair from falling on carpets and floors.

Has hardwood flooring? Throw rugs that are cute and stylish are essential since they not only brighten the space but also attract hair and are simple to wash. They work on carpeted floors as well. Have guests arrived? You are prepared for visitors after quickly sweeping the entire house and washing all the rugs.

Use a sticky sheet roller, a portable vacuum, or a hand-held vacuum every day.

It’s worthwhile to invest in a lightweight cordless vacuum cleaner that is simple to grab and go, addressing cracks in the furniture, and those fur bunnies that seem to flock under the couch because eliminating dog hair from the couch and carpeted parts of a home is an endless process. The procedure is also made simple and quick by the use of huge sticky sheets. Regular use prevents dog hair accumulation. For this quick clean, all you need is five minutes at the start or end of the day. (clean up dog hairs)

In your car, use seat covers.

Similarly, purchasing seat coverings prevents dirty and wet feet in addition to keeping hair off the upholstery. There are seat covers for the front, rear, and cargo areas that come with dog beds, such as PetSafe’s Happy Ride Automobile Dog Bed. Puppies are kept safe and the amount of stray hair in a car is controlled by placing them in travel crates like the Sleepypod pet bed.

To remove dog hair from the washing and dryer, use dryer sheets and special tools.

It goes without saying that your fur-covered clothing, seat covers, and blankets end up in the washer and dryer. While a clever device like the Furzapper may remove hair from both the dryer and the washer, dryer sheets can undoubtedly catch stray hair. Simply insert these spongy rings into each machine to begin drawing loose hair to them. These can be used again after a quick wash. Hair can get in places you can’t reach to clear out, so be sure to regularly repair your washing machines as well.

Even though you love your dog, you don’t want dog hair to be a fashion accessory, so keeping lint rollers like the ZeLo handheld roller on hand around the house and in your car allows you to be fur-free and is perfect for those last-minute touch-ups on upholstery and clothing. (clean up dog hairs)


One more thing before I forget: your washing machine is a friend. To keep the hair down and your home smelling fresh rather than dog-like, wash throws and rugs once a week.

Searching for cleaning supplies to utilize when cleaning a dog-friendly home? See our article on the cleaning supplies you need if you live with a dog.

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