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How To Build A Strong Bond With Your Dog

A dog’s best friend is a wonderful thing. But how can a close bond with a canine companion come about? According to Lisa Radosta, a board-certified veterinary behaviorist at Florida Veterinary Behavior Service and host of Vet Scoop, a strong human-animal bond is based on trust. She teaches how to determine whether your relationship with your dog is strong as well as how to strengthen that bond.

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Do You and Your Dog Have a Close Bond?

Of course, it’s a positive sign if your dog enjoys being around you. Although you don’t want your dog to exhibit afraid behaviors around you (such as scooting away whenever you approach, tail down, and ears back), you also don’t want him to exhibit separation anxiety. According to Radosta, “your dog can’t let you use the bathroom alone, that’s not a loving bond.” “That’s a bad attachment,” I said.

The ideal place to begin is with a dog who is content, self-assured, and not overly clinging. But according to Radosta, there is only one way to determine whether a dog is truly deeply attached to its owner: Does your dog come to you for assistance?

Your dog will turn to you if he believes he can trust you in tense situations. For instance, adds Radosta, does your dog come to you if something frightens you while you’re out for a walk? Looking on you for guidance suggests a great degree of trust.(Strong Bond With Your Dog)

How to Improve Your Relationship With Your Dog

To develop a bond with your dog, you don’t really need to spend a lot of time throwing tennis balls or going on lengthy walks through the neighborhood—unless, of course, you both enjoy doing those things. There are several strategies to improve your relationship with your dog.

Be Consistent in Your Communication

“Dogs and pet parents can love one another, but that doesn’t always translate into the strongest bond, which is one of absolute trust,” claims Radosta. Consistency is the main obstacle to that.

For instance, there may be occasions when you don’t mind your dog barking at a passerby outdoors. However, if your dog is barking at a friend, you might try to put a stop to it right away. Your pet perceives both people as strangers, therefore this sends confusing signals to him or her. Being consistent in your responses to diverse situations is the most crucial action you can do to develop a better bond with your dog.

Provide comfort

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It’s a common misconception that showing your dog attention when they’re terrified, like during a rainstorm, only serves to increase their anxiety. However, Radosta claims that is untrue. “Fear cannot be positively reinforced,” she asserts. “It isn’t feasible. When you give a sobbing baby a hug, she stops crying rather than starting again. The same is true for dogs. You can’t make someone you love feel more frightened by loving them. So go ahead and feel sorry for your dog.(Strong Bond With Your Dog)

Find Out What Your Dog Likes

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Amazing fact: Not all dogs enjoy going for walks. Playing fetch is another option. Dogs have distinct personalities and preferences, so keep an eye on your dog to understand what actually makes him happy.

Don’t make your dog perform something that he dislikes. It might erode your relationship. Your dog might not enjoy going for walks, for instance, if he is afraid of strangers, other dogs, or loud noises. Therefore, walking your dog vast distances would be bad for your connection in that scenario.(Strong Bond With Your Dog)

Utilize Your Dog’s Favorite Activities More Often

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Do more of the things that make your dog the happy once you’ve discovered what they are. “My dog likes to lounge by the pool,” Radosta explains. Do I enjoy spending time on the sundeck? Not as much, but going outside with him strengthens our relationship.

Do what your dog enjoys most to spoil him. Does your dog enjoy taking a yard-wide sniff? Then enroll in a tracking and nose work class to satisfy his super-snout’s need. It’s possible that you’ll develop a similar interest to your dog.

Teach Your Dog A New Trick

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Positive reinforcement training, according to Radosta, is a very effective strategy for fostering trust. “Learning something new together strengthens the relationship. Your dog learns that when he acts in a certain way, you’ll reward him with a treat, a toy, or by throwing the ball. This approach can be used to teach your dog polite behavior, easy tricks, or even canine sports like agility.

Curl Up With Your Dog

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The best way for many pet parents to develop a bond with their furry friends is by cuddling. And as long as you both love it, it does help you two bond. If your dog climbs into your lap or curls up close to you, that is a sign that they enjoy cuddling.

Give your dog some privacy.

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On the other hand, if your dog requests his own space, don’t take it personally. While some puppies are more independent by nature, others are inherently more gregarious. Consider your dog’s breed and temperament, and if he prefers to slumber somewhere else, let him! You don’t have to spend all of your time together to have a great relationship.

Understanding Canine Body Language

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Dogs wag their tails when they are joyful and when they are scared, did you know that? Canines use their entire body to communicate. You must therefore be aware of what to look for in order to determine how your dog is feeling. You can read your dog’s emotions by understanding what his body language is saying. And that level of comprehension will undoubtedly strengthen your relationship.

Touch your dog

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Petting your dog is a satisfying activity for you both since it relaxes you and calms your dog. According to research from Washington State University, petting a dog or cat for just 10 minutes significantly lowered peoples’ levels of the stress hormone cortisol. The National Institutes of Health confirms that it also improves mood. As a result, touching your dog may be one of the simplest and healthiest ways to interact with your dog!

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